LaTeX Physics Package

This extension is to mimics the LaTeX Physics Package in MathJax. For details, see the GitHub pages and the GitHub repository of this extension.

Some Commands are not Working

The following commands in the Physics Package is not implemented yet:

As I mentioned, everything done so far is by string substitution only. Some hints are given in Pull Request#16—MathJax-third-party-extensions but my skill is too limited to understand how the above cases should be handled. Feel free to improve it though.


physics.xlsx is the master file.

License.js is used to store the license that should be appended to the .js files.

Other files are built automatically by MultiMarkdown, UglifyJS2, LaTeX are assumed. I used it on Mac and have no idea if the way my bash script is written is OS agnostic or not.


A few tests are given:

  1. i.e. only the one pushed to MathJax’s official third parties extensions repository is tested  ↩

  2. Rather than as an extension loaded separately, this one is a macro put in the file directly  ↩